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Accent Your Yard

Landscape lighting is used for safety and enhancing your lawn at night. Avery Landscape & Irrigation conducts a consultation to determine your needs and designs around your areas of importance. We create energy-efficient designs with low-voltage light to conserve energy.

lawn light, Avery landscape chesterfield
landscape light, Avery landscape chesterfield
light on lawn,  Avery landscape chesterfield
landscape lighting, Avery landscape chesterfield
Landscape lighting, Avery landscape chesterfield
Why Landscape Lighting? Landscape lighting is an effective way to add ambiance and beauty to any outdoor living space. Whether it's a walkway in the front of your house, highlighting the beauty of your home or a picturesque garden in your backyard, we have lighting that will compliment any outdoor living space. Let us determine a proper lighting layout for your landscape and instantly change the aesthetic.

L.E.D. Lighting
Light Emitting Diode technology uses 80% less power than traditional incandescent lighting technology, significantly cutting both energy consumption and cost over the life of the product. LED lighting is also as aesthetically pleasing as traditional lighting options, so you save energy and money while maintaining a beautiful nighttime appearance of your landscape.
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